5 Common Causes of Self Doubt

This week I’m talking about self-doubt and how it leaves us feeling stuck and unmotivated. And there are plenty of reasons behind self-doubt.

When you start to understand what causes self-doubt, you’ll be able to do a much better job of tackling it.

Show Notes

  • Why self-doubt is as universal as happiness and sadness. And the first step to overcoming it. (2:30)
  • The fear of perceived past failures and mistakes and how it impacts our lives (5:45)
  • How our childhood upbringing affects our mindset and attitude in life(8:10)
  • Watch out for the comparison trap. Should you compare yourself to others? (11:00)
  • Fear of success is real! It’s one of the biggest fear for most people. Why do people fear success? (13:32)
  • Why and how change causes self-doubt. It’s time to look at the change in a different way (15:50)

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