8 Lightning Fast Ways To Get Rid Of Stress

Stress creeps up on us at the most difficult times and it's totally unavoidable. So, if we can't avoid it, we need to learn how to react to it and bounce back. 

In this episode, I'm giving you 8 ways to take control of stress, so that it doesn't take control of you! Keep these in your back pocket, ready for the next time you feel tension building, and you're ready to snap. It'll help to set you free.

Show Notes

  • The secret of getting away from it all and finding freedom. (3:57)
  • How to avoid getting stressed about things that you just can’t control. (6:28)
  • Why breathing differently will help you to relax and unwind (9:38)
  • Realising that most things actually don’t matter all that much (and it’s better to just let it go). (11:43)
  • Taking time for yourself (14:00)
  • The importance of ‘keeping it clean’ (15:30)
  • Using music to unwind and destress (17:22)
  • How to reduce your stress, even with your eyes closed (18:05)

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