Stop doing *THIS* to Achieve your Goals in 2022

There are 3 big things that you need to stop doing and let go of if you actually want to achieve your goals in 2022 and beyond.

I know, I know… most people (and most of the videos you watch) will be focused on what you need to do, what you need to get, or who you need to be in order to reach your goals. And that's super important stuff.

But you also need to think about what you should stop doing to give yourself the best possible head start. Think of this as a shortcut to get out of your own way and get more out of your life – starting immediately.

Want to know what the three big things are?

Why do you need to get rid of stuff?

Hang on. First things first – why do you need to get rid of stuff if you want to achieve more?

Let's think about this scenario for a second. Imagine you’re about to go on a road trip in your car to a place you’ve always wanted to visit. You make sure the tank is full of fuel so you can get there, right? You jump in the car, fire up the ignition, and put your foot on the accelerator. The car screeches, scrapes, and just stubbornly won’t move.


Well, you forgot to take the handbrake off!

It doesn’t matter how fast the car is, how much fuel you have, or how hard you hit the pedal. If the handbrake is on, you’re not going anywhere.

And it's the same in your life.

No matter how much work you do on moving forward, unless you remove the obstacles that are holding you back, you’re not going to succeed. So, as much as you’re focused and working on your goals, you also need to make sure to remove those obstacles.

But what are the things that get in the way?

1. Bad habits

The first thing you need to scrap are bad habits. Habits are unconscious behaviours we do without really thinking about them. Good or bad, they’re the things we’re naturally drawn to do. And often we don’t even know we’re doing them until someone points it out – it's like they’re invisibly sabotaging our progress. Examples? Biting your nails, fidgeting, snacking, whistling – the list is endless.

Sure – these examples might seem pretty harmless, but there are almost certainly going to be bad habits you currently have that are actually stopping you from getting where you want to be. So you want to identify the behaviours that you’re compelled to do.

This is as serious an addiction as smoking, drinking, or drugs! Because these are the things you find hard not to do and possibly don’t even see that they’re harming your progress. That’s because they seem innocent and innocuous.

How bad habits impact you

A really prime example? Spending too much time on social media or endlessly flicking through your phone – just filling time. This is a really common example. It seems harmless. Plus, almost everyone does it. But how many times have you found yourself doing this and then realise that half an hour or longer has gone past, almost without you noticing?

Believe it or not, the negative knock-on effect across the rest of your life is massive!

Consider the consequences that it has on:

  • Your mental health. You're constantly comparing yourself to others and worrying about what other people think. You're looking for validation based on some false metric, such as likes, shares, and comments.
  • Your clarity of vision. You're distracted by other people’s goals and their view of what success looks like.
  • Sleep. How many times do you find your bright phone screen to be the last thing you see on an evening, the first thing on a morning, or even your entertainment when you wake up in the middle of the night?
  • Focus. The beauty of social media is also its downfall. You can find anything you want on there (and often a whole bunch of stuff you weren’t looking for). It grabs your attention because it’s engineered to do it, and it’s hard to focus while all that’s happening.
  • Productivity. Every 30 minutes spent on social media is 30 minutes you’re not actively working on your goals. It adds up really quickly (and almost unnoticed).

Ready to do something about your social media habit?

The solution is simple. Remove social media from your phone, turn off all notifications, and put your phone in a different room when you go to sleep.

This is only one example of a bad habit that I see regularly. It doesn’t feel like one, but it can be. Of course, social media is amazing, when used correctly. I use it. I like it. I’d love you to follow me there and check out what I’m posting on Instagram. But also bear in mind that you should be using it consciously and not habitually.

With a clear view of the goals you want to achieve, think about what the behaviours are, the way in which they’re hurting you, and what you can do to break free from them.

2. Negative beliefs

The second thing to cut out are your negative and limiting beliefs. If our bad habits are the physical behaviours and actions that are getting in our way, then the next step is to look at the negative thought patterns we have.

They say that talking to yourself is a sign of madness. But actually, we spend most of our time talking to ourselves! You’re doing it right now. As you read words, you’re talking back at me in your mind. You’re thinking things like, “This sounds like me…” or “Do I do that…?”. It’s the internal dialogue that goes on inside your head all day long.

Sometimes that’s small mundane things, like “I must go and get more potatoes from the shop.” But sometimes it’s really massive things like “I can’t be bothered to do that” or “I’m not good enough to do this.” Those negative thoughts are caused by mental blocks and beliefs we hold, bubbling away underneath the surface. 

We all have limiting beliefs surrounding some area of our lives, our goals, and ourselves. They’re destructive in so many ways – not least of all because they can easily stop us from taking the actions we need to take to get where we want to be. Plus, they fuel the bad habits I just shared. 

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3. Negative influences

The third and final thing you need to cut out are the negative influences. Every single day, your brain is absorbing millions of bits of information from the world and the environment around you. That's from the people you live with, the things you see on TV, your friends and family, and even the celebrities on social media. 

Everything you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch gives your subconscious mind the fuel to create and form your beliefs and behaviours. From a young age, we form most of how we feel about ourselves, the world, and our place in it based on these external factors. The problem is that we have no control over them. And we have almost no control over how we internalise them (unless you do something about it).

In other words, the longer you’re surrounded by negative influences, the more negative a picture of yourself and the world you’re going to build. In our analogy of a car journey, that’s like pulling over at the side of the road to ask for directions and someone points you the wrong way entirely.

Pay attention to the people in your life

There are three ways this happens in our life:

  1. Someone gives you the wrong directions. You instantly know something feels off and you feel bad about it. It’s like when someone tells you to stop doing the thing you want to do because you won’t make it or it won’t work out.
  2. Someone knowingly gives you the wrong directions and you don’t even know. They’re saying stuff that feels like it might be okay to you. You’ve got no idea that they’re actually dragging you off course or embedding negativity. But it's wildly distracting from where you should be focused.
  3. Someone gives you the wrong directions and even they don’t know. They’ve genuinely got your best interests at heart, but they’re actually just wrong. They’re trying to help as best they can, but the information is just bad.

Whichever camp they fall into, they’re derailing your plans – throwing you off the scent and slowing down your progress. Heck, if you go too far in the wrong direction, you might even find that you get stuck or lost. And then it's easier to just go home and give up!

So you have to be really precious about who you give your time, attention, and trust to. You have to be ruthless about cutting out the people who are giving you bad information, feeding your insecurities, and holding you back. 

Their intentions might be good or bad.

They might be knowingly or unknowingly getting in your way.

It doesn't matter – what matters is that they're holding you back.

Pay attention to your environment

And it's not just people, either.

I mean, road signs can give you the wrong directions if somebody meddles with them. Or you can misread the signs and take the wrong exit. Either way, you need to make sure that you pay close attention to the environment you’re in – both the humans you surround yourself with and the things that you’re surrounded by.

You’re precious about the house you live in, right? You want to make sure it’s presentable, nice to spend time in, and doesn’t smell. So become precious about the way that you spend your time, the people, and the influences that you’re surrounded by. And focus on the right ones. Cut out all of the noise and negativity and give yourself the biggest, best, and most powerful headstart possible towards everything that you want to achieve.

In a nutshell, when you focus on your goals, put the right foot forward, plan your route and figure out everything you need in your life to get there. But also, cut out the limiting stuff that will slow you down or stop you from getting there altogether.

Don’t be the car that’s full of fuel (all revved up and ready to go) but that doesn’t take the handbrake off and wonders why you’re not getting anywhere. There’s a real sense of freedom and excitement when you let go of the bad habits, mental blocks, and negative influences that are standing in your way of getting to the places that you really want to go.

Go try it. 

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