Changing Lanes Through Your Life – with Alfie Joey

Success isn’t a straight line from A-Z. Life is a journey that can change direction regularly and unexpectedly – and that’s something to embrace!

In this episode, we hear from a comedian, radio presenter, artist (and a former monk!) Alfie Joey on his experiences of ‘changing lanes’ through the decades of his life… and how you can do the same, to find fulfillment.

Best Piece of Empowering Advice Alfie has received:

“If you'd like to be successful, you’ve got to do and get better.”

Show Notes

  • Getting to know more about Alfie (4:38)
  • What Alfie believes that it takes to be successful (7:53)
  • Alfie's experience of ‘changing lanes’ through life (9:55)
  • The reasons behind making the big lane shifts (14:25)
  • Alfie's plans and strategies for changing lanes (16:35)
  • Alfie's motivational tips to push and inspire people (18:51)
  • The first step if you'd like to change lanes or directions in your life (21:19)

Links & Resources

Success Unlocked
Alfie Joey social media accounts:
– LinkedIn

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