Dealing With ‘Burnout’ And Stress At Work – with Fernando Flores

Our guest Is Fernando Torres, an attorney, and investigator who conducts impartial investigations of employee complaints and allegations of harassment and discrimination which unfortunately does still happen in the workplace.

Today we are talking about occupational burnout—when stress takes over your work— and how you can avoid it and be happy as you possibly can be in your workplace. 

Show Notes

  • What is occupational burnout and how it affects our lives? (4:20)
  • Why people are unable to unplug from work(7:40)
  • Why do people struggle to identify the source of their stress? Why do we often ignore the signs of stress? (10:00)
  • Why emotional intelligence is so important. The first step is self-awareness. (13:50)
  • Smart ways to address work-related stress and occupational burnout. (17:30)

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