Facing Big Scary Decisions With Courage – with Halelly Azulay

Success, for me, means optimizing potential. We all have unbelievable potential, gifts, and talents. But you can only maximize your potential if you engage with it intentionally, actively, and pursue it.

Sometimes, the most rewarding, exciting and fulfilling version of ‘You' is on the other side of some really terifying decisions or actions. How do we put one foot on that rickety rope-bridge that seems to scary, and take the steps towards our dreams?

This week, I spoke with Halelly Azulay, and we discussed the importance of stepping towards your goals, in spite of those fears… and the keys to finding the courage you need.

You want me to spend more time working on plan B than plan A?” – Her 15-year-old asked her this question, reminding her of what she could have achieved if she had the kind of support her teenage son was now requesting for.

Show Notes

  • Halelly’s backstory, career and how she got to where she is (3:29)
  • What makes big and important decisions terrifying? (5:50)
  • Neuroscience take on how people face fear (7:15)
  • Lessons Halelly has learned the hard way that have helped her navigate the big life decisions in a more courageous way(10:35)
  • Ways you can face fear more rationally and logically (14:40)
  • How to work to your strengths (16:43)
  • What other steps can you take to face big scary decisions in life (20:03)

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