Find The Freedom To Be You – with Azmina Jiwa

Success means to be your unique special self. If we can allow ourselves to be that special self, comfortable in our skins, then we can really express our potential.

Just Be Yourself.” It's only three words, but it's one of the most difficult and terrifying things to actually put into practice. How do you find the courage to step forwards and be 100% yourself?

What are the secrets behind standing out when everyone wants you to just fit in? That's the conversation that we're serving up this week with Azmina Jiwa so that you can find the freedom to be you.

Overcome your fears and do it anyway. Get out of your comfort zone and keep moving forward.

Show Notes

  • Azmina’s backstory (4:03)
  • What triggered her journey of self-discovery(8:05)
  • Steps to discovering what you want and live a vibrant life (8:55)
  • Her transition from attending self-development workshops to running them (11:30)
  • What stops people from embracing who they really are? (13:48)
  • Azmina’s book Freedom to Be Me (17:08)

Links & Resources

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Azmina Jiwa’s Website
Azmina’s Book Freedom to Be Me

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