How To Align Your Life With Your Core Values

This week, I’m talking about how to align your life with your core values. More importantly, how do you identify and define the things you believe to be right, true, and worth pursuing.

Let me ask when was the last time you asked yourself, “What do I stand for?”, or “What’s important to me?”  In this week’s podcast, I’ll help you answer this specific question among a couple of other important ones. And by doing so, I hope to help you discover your values in life and develop the boldness to live by them.

Show Notes

  • Think about the last time you went to the supermarket—a great analogy on why it’s important to figure out what it is you want. (2:00)
  • What are personal values and why are they so important  (5:05)
  • So how do you ‘discover’ your core life values and important questions to ask yourself (8:35)
  • Once you have discovered your top 5-10 values, use them as guideposts for your life. How to create a plan for doing exactly that. (12:00)
  • How to embrace changes in your life values (14.05)

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