How To Build Self-Discipline & Stop Procrastinating – with Gemma Ray

Success for me is to be healthy, happy, and financially secure.

~ Gemma’s Definition Of Success

Today my guest is Gemma Ray, a best-selling author and accountability mentor who helps people who are tired of their own excuses to pull the finger out, stop procrastinating and start living. She has written two books on self-discipline and procrastination and her goal is to help real people with real-life challenges to just get more things done.

Life is 10% the situation you are in and 90% the way you CHOOSE to react to it.

~ Best Piece Of Personal Development Advice Received

Show Notes

  • What is self-discipline and the best way to approach it? (03:15)
  • Why starting small is the key to self-discipline (06:45)
  • The relationship between self-discipline and procrastination. What causes procrastination? (10:00)
  • Many people procrastinate out of fear. Why is this the case? (16.02)
  • How did Gemma come from being, in her own words, ‘the queen of procrastination’ to writing several books, one of them on procrastination? (18:05)
  • What are the first actionable steps for someone struggling with procrastination to start building their self-discipline? (19:40)

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