How To Develop World Class Character – with Simon Hartley

What separates people who are truly world-class in their field, to ‘the rest of us’. That’s the question that has inspired the lifelong mission of Simon Hartley.

As a sports psychology consultant, he’s worked with athletes and sports teams at the top of their game, to improve their performance and be world-class. And these principles apply in life and business too.

In this week’s episode of the podcast, he shares the secret of building world-class character.

Show Notes

  • Simon's definition of ‘character' (4:02)
  • The difference between character and personality (6:33)
  • How can we find the areas of our character that need work? (8:04)
  • The advantages of being accountable and responsible when building character (14:03)
  • The characteristics that ‘World Class' people share (15:31)
  • The 3 components of mental toughness (17:30)
  • What makes World Class people different from others? (17:51)
  • Simon's definition of ‘identity' (20:11)
  • How do creativity and identity work together (24:51)
  • How do we apply this in our own lives (28:35)

Links & Resources

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Simon Hartley’s YouTube Channel
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