How To Sell Yourself In Life And Business – with Wayne Dharana

With almost every interaction you ever have with someone else, you're ‘selling' yourself. Whether it's the first date, that important job interview or meeting someone important… you've got to sell yourself, and put across the best version of yourself.

In this conversation with Wayne Dharana, you'll learn about the important techniques that salespeople use and how you can weave those into your communication to sell yourself, the right way.

Wayne’s Definition Of Success:

‘Success is about focusing your time and allowing yourself to make an impact.

Best Piece Of Personal Development Advice You’ve Received:

‘It doesn't matter how big the waves or storm you are in, everybody will face difficulty in life, but how you come out of that situation is much more important.’

Show Notes

  • The biggest thing that stops you having a successful and happier life (3:13) 
  • The symptoms that you’re currently not in control of your life (4:34)
  • How to start taking action and starting with your goals (6:20)
  • Why ‘sales’ is the primary skill that is undervalued but everyone should master (9:50)
  • Core elements of sales that can be applied to everyday life (14:09)
  • The true basis of happiness and satisfaction (16:45)
  • Actionable steps from this episode (20:01)

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