How Your Favourite Celebrity Can Change Your Life – with Adam Cox

Success for me is freedom; that means setting my own objectives and goals and getting my way.

How can celebrities and even fictional characters inspire us, motivate us and help us to become the very best version of ourselves?

This week, I'm speaking to hypnotherapist Adam Cox on an unconventional approach to transformation that anyone can use, starting today!

Build a business that is not dependent on you. Build a business that can run even without your direct involvement and one that gives you enough cash flow so you can have the life you want.

Show Notes

  • How to leverage the celebrity world ‘therapeutically' to help and change people's lives (3:10)
  • How Adam's confidence help other areas of his life (5:58)
  • Ways to build a ‘force field' and keep the negative thoughts out (9:05)
  • The benefits of working with different people (11:54)
  • Practicing hypnotherapy on your own (15:21)
  • The power of hypnosis and how to take it the next level (19:47)

Links & Resources

Adam Cox’s website
The Hypnotist Podcast
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