Oh Hello, I Didn't See You There 😜

So, You're Looking For A Podcast Guest For Your Self-Improvement, Personal Development, Success Or Mindset Related Podcast?

Hi, I'm Rob.

I'm already excited to chat about recording an episode for your podcast.

This page should tell you everything that you need to know, but if you have any questions, just get in touch.

Topics & Areas Of Expertise

There are a number of areas that I love to talk about, based on what I teach within my personal development programs and courses.

In fact, I love to try and deliver a different experience on every podcast that I'm a guest on, tailoring it to your audience as much as possible.

Some rough starting points include:

  1. Transforming your thoughts for the better
  2. Building a real, empowered vision for your life
  3. Creating a life that is truly happy and fulfilled
  4. The secrets behind confidence and self-belief
  5. Positivity, the ability to surge forward in everything you do
  6. My life journey, which is somewhat unusual

…but if you have a specific thing you'd like me to discuss, just let me know.


Rob is a stage hypnotist, obsessed with human psychology and what makes us think, act, feel and behave the way that we do.

He's not a psychologist, a scientist, a life coach or an academic. He hasn't got a degree, hasn't written a single book and doesn't ‘treat' clients.

But, over an 18+ year career as an entertainer, he's hypnotised over 20,000+ people around the world and has uncovered the real ‘in-the-field' magic behind our thoughts, emotions and mindset.

Rob is on a mission to help regular people just like him understand how a single idea, planted like a seed into our mind, can grow and flourish into something powerful, to change your life and become the very best version of yourself?

If he can uncover how to turn Joe Bloggs into Elvis Presley with a snap of his fingers, imagine the way that power can be used for good in our everyday lives.

Photos & Media

You can download a photo of me here, for us in your artwork and promotions for our podcast episode.

Important Stuff To Know

I have two podcasts of my own, so I'm a really big advocate of making this process as easy as possible for you:

✔️ Amazing sound & video quality

No matter how great the content, it needs to be enjoyable to listen to, right? As a podcast host, I have a specific set up for all interviews, featuring a Rode Procaster microphone, Rodecaster desk, Sony A6400 camera and studio headphones. I'm always in a quiet environment and ready to share my best stuff.

✔️ Promoting your podcast to my audience

Content marketing is a huge part of my business, and I love to share the authority-growing awesomeness when I appear on someone else's podcast. We'll work with you to put our podcast appearance in front of my audience through social and email.

✔️ Think-on-my-feet ability

As a stage hypnotist, you have to be ready for anything. I am perfectly comfortable with ‘off the cuff' unplanned interviews without scripted questions and answers, so nothing will throw me off course.

✔️ Professionally foolish

I take your podcast, topic, and audience's needs very seriously – but we've gotta have a laugh. I still tour as an entertainer and love to make sure that everything is fun, so don't expect dry and bland. Nobody likes that.

It was wonderful having Rob as a guest on my podcast. He's so personable, really easy going, and thinks well on the spot. He also has a way of sharing complex information in an easily digestible and fun way, making the conversation flow with ease, with some laughs thrown in for good measure. His tips for the audience were tangible and will make a huge impact for all who follow through with them. It was a pleasure having Rob on the show!

– Lisa Cybaniak, The ‘Life, Like You Mean It!' Podcast

“Rob Temple was a guest on my show Let’s Keep It Real. He was absolutely great! Funny, inspiring and informative – everything you could want in a guest. I would recommend him as a guest for any show”.

– Sandy Joy Weston, The ‘Let's Keep It Real' Podcast

“My name is Ryan Cote and I run the Morning Upgrade podcast where I talk to entrepreneurs about personal development. I had Rob Temple on my show and I highly recommend him as a guest. His answers were articulate and interesting, and the conversation flew by!”.

– Ryan Cote, ‘The Morning Upgrade Podcast'

Links & Resources Your Audience Might Like

There's a couple of places that I will tend to signpost people, from our podcast interview:

  1. The Success Unlocked Podcast
    www.SuccessUnlocked.com (and on all podcast players)
    Join me each week for discussions, ideas and inspiration around all areas of personal growth and self-improvement. Maybe check out a couple of episodes of the podcast, to see my style.
  2. My free resources toolbox
    I'll create a bespoke link, branded around your podcast for your listeners. It's a 100% free toolbox of worksheets, activities and training for a better life.

Speak soon!

PS. Here's a few of the podcasts that I've recorded episodes as a guest so far (not all live yet):