Stripping ‘Naked’ To Re-Build A Better Life – with Maria Hocking

My definition of success has changed over the years but now I believe success is about having a balanced life, loving what you do, and having time to spend with your loved ones.

Today’s guest is Maria Hocking, a coach, speaker, and author of “Strip Naked & Redress With Happiness: How to Survive and Thrive Through Personal Challenge,” who thrives on helping others transform through the knowledge she has gained through her own adversities in life. We will be talking about her approach to personal transformation.

In those moments of doubt, when a friend tells me, “don’t be ridiculous, you know you can do it, and there’s a whole host of evidence to prove that you are an exceptional coach and motivational speaker.“ Simply put, “You can do it!”

Show Notes

  • Stripping naked as a step towards achieving happiness and the story behind the philosophy (3:10)
  • ‘Stripping naked’: Is it a choice, or does it happen to us? (5:05)
  • How does this manifest itself for people who have gotten “stripped naked” by adversities in life? (6:50)
  • How to intentionally ‘strip naked,’ embrace change and reinvent yourself (9:05)
  • How to get motivated and get moving in the right direction again (11:30)
  • What to do next when you are ready to go after what you really want (14:20)
  • When you are rebuilding your life, should it be a linear journey? How should you approach it? (17:11)
  • Adversity does break you, it makes you, but that’s a choice (20:20)

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