Taking A ‘Digital Diet’ To Rediscover Human Connection – with Tim David

Technology brings us a world of opportunity in the palm of our hand, but as the amount of time spent engrossed in technology increases, is it destroying real, quality human connection. Maybe it's time we take a digital diet and re-assess our relationship with technology.

This week, on the show, we're joined by Tim David (author of, The 7-Day Digital Diet) for a powerful discussion on what we can do to increase productivity, focus, happiness, and human connection, by taking control of the technology.

Best Piece Of Personal Development Advice Tim David Received:

‘Why take a year if you can do a thing or goal in a month?’ – The takeaway lesson here which I learned is expanding my mind that helped along the way and it’s been an expansion of what’s possible. 

Show Notes

  • The reason for creating ‘The 7-Day Digital Diet' (03:33)
  • The differences between healthy & bad (digital) habits (08:28)
  • What is considered to be a healthy screen time? (12:44)
  • What are the steps to correct our digital habits? (16:14)
  • The challenges to prepare yourself for with a digital diet (19:10)
  • How to combat relapses while going through a digital diet (20:52)

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