The Power Of Being An Introvert – with Fifi Mason

Have you ever wondered if you're an introvert? Or want to ‘overcome' it and become a loud-and-proud extrovert – or whether you even should? That's the topic up for grabs this week, as I chat to Fifi Mason.

Fifi helps introvert entrepreneurs to embrace their introversion and USE it to become the best version of themselves. Join us to find out Fifi's definition of an introvert and the secret power behind it.

Show Notes

  • Fifi’s perspective on being an introvert (5:10)
  • How introverts deal with problems or difficulties in life (7:15)
  • How to work out if you’re an introvert (8:10)
  • The difference between being shy and introvert (11:31)
  • The process of accepting and embracing the introversion (13:52)
  • Dealing with loud people (16:24)
  • Fifi's journey of embracing herself and self-discovery (18:20)
  • How Fifi coped up with the daily basis of being an introvert (20:45)
  • The first step towards making the most of being an introvert (22:53)

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