Why Cabbages Can Help Us Cope With Stress – with Dave Algeo

Success for me is that moment when I do the right thing for me, right here right now.

Stress is a regular part of our everyday lives, but do we just have to put up with it? This week I'm joined by ‘The Stressed Guru' Dave Algeo, to talk about his unique approach to recognising, understanding, and coping when we're under strain.

In this great conversation, we talked about how to identify the signs of stress and then exactly what you can do about it, to power through!

Right here right now, if you choose to do something even if it’s ‘work,’ you have a choice to engage at that moment and enjoy it.

Show Notes

  • What made Dave decide to teach, train and coach people to deal with stress better (5:20)
  • Is there a healthy level of stress? (7:48)
  • Cabbages and the impact they have on our stress (9:50)
  • What is the key to dealing with emotional strain? (14:27)
  • After discovering you are nor coping with stress well, what can you do to fix this? (17:55)

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