Why Happiness Is A Choice – with Holly Matthews

Can we choose to be happy? Or do we just get what we’re given? This week, we’re joined by Holly Matthews who, as a young actress, lost her husband to cancer and yet chose to find happiness for her and her children in the most difficult circumstances.

In this episode, Holly shares her inspiring story and shares a message that allows anyone to find happiness with a number of different techniques and ideas.

Holly’s Definition Of Success:

Success should not be defined by popularity, or by Instagram or by hashtags. Success for me is feeling connected to family and friends. From my work point of view, I will feel truly successful when I will be the go-to self development person in the UK and then the world. TV, shows, books, workshops, events — that would be me at my pinnacle of success. Success for me is being happy all throughout the journey. 

Best Piece Of Personal Development Advice You’ve Received:

“If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got.”

Show Notes

  • What does success mean for Holly – 3:08
  • How Holly got into the world of personal development – 5:14 
  • Holly’s daily happiness regime – 16:06
  • The importance of being grateful in the moment – 18:38
  • Holly’s daily practise for family affirmations – 20:05
  • The importance of creating and practicing good habits everyday – 21:07
  • Mindfulness and how to use it – 22:15
  • Holly’s advice to begin taking action on this episode – 24:38

Links & Resources

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